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Jakarta's tropical style and a long history attracts many tourists


Jakarta is a traditional and modern city with a very strong contrast to poverty. Overlooking the city, you will see the small bungalows and high-rise buildings complex, bluestone road and asphalt road is also criss-cross, and the golden hotel and high-tech center is also adjacent to the noisy village. All this makes people feel that this is a need to work hard to improve the city, however, where the tropical style and a long culture has always attracted a lot of people to Indonesia's Jakarta a tour.

Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park

Geography and geomorphology, customs are readily available, is a comprehensive understanding of a good place in Indonesia Different regions of different ethnic groups have their own characteristics of style architecture, Indonesia's miniature park can not only see the architectural style, in each building there are small Of the museum, the display of the relevant ethnic customs and folk customs. The entire miniature park with a high-altitude ring park car, take the cable car from the high altitude overlooking the tour should be a good choice, especially the island, volcano and other geological distribution, from the sky can be clear at a glance.

Issyclare Mosque

Jakarta Independence Mosque, also known as the Issyh Lahr Mosque. Is the Indonesian national mosque, is one of the most magnificent mosques in Southeast Asia. The mosque covers an area of 93.5 hectares, construction area of 93400 square meters. Built in 1979, was built to commemorate the independence of Indonesia, and thanks to Allah's visit to Indonesia. This Indonesian national mosque is named "Istiqlal" and is "independent" in Arabic. There is a huge white semi-circular roof painted on the roof, very eye-catching.

Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Dreamland is a large playground in Jakarta, with children coming to Jakarta to miss. Here are 10 kinds of exciting activities, as well as haunted house and water games, such as Niagara-niagara, Arung Jeram and so on. It is recommended that you come to the playground from Monday to Friday and do not come at the weekend. If you take a child, there are some not so exciting but still very interesting game; for couples, sitting on the Ferris wheel to see the panoramic view of the beach and then romantic.


Indonesia is a magical country if you have an opportunity you can pay a visit to Indonesia’s Jakarta.

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Bagan's three major tourist attractions


Bagan is the historical city of Myanmar, Buddhist cultural sites, the famous tourist destination. Bagan is the capital of the pagoda in Myanmar. It is said that there are more than 100 seats in the flourishing period. The city of Bagan retains the pagodas, the Buddhist temples and the pagodas built in various historical periods in Myanmar. The architectural art of the temple is the ancient architectural art of Myanmar Miniature, embodies the wisdom and creativity of the working people of Myanmar, Burma became a precious historical and cultural heritage. Today still retains the size of the 2000 stupa and Buddhist monuments are witnessing history, attracting a large number of tourists to Myanmar tourism

Shwesandaw Paya

Known as the Tower of Hope, located in the center of the Po Gan Plain, is a great place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Rashan Taki is the Mayan pyramid-shaped, the base of the Quartet, the tower surrounded by five layers of layers up to the top platform there are two layers of octagonal base, on the bell-shaped white tower, constitute the structure Clear Seven Floors. As a well-deserved sunset tower, the first is the height, after his ice-yut tower in the tower of the steps are closed, it is the highest elevation on the plains of the Bagan plains. Here in November each year held lighting section, to commemorate the return of the Buddha to the earth, during the festival, the girls held a red robe competition, the end of the festival, the red robe presented to the monks.

Ananda Pahto

Ananda Temple is located on the east side of Old Bagan's ancient city wall. The temple comes from the Buddha's voice and disciples. It is the first large temple of Bagan, is also the most elegant and beautiful Buddhist architecture, is the middle of the construction of the Bagan dynasty, the Mongolian style of the building at the same time with the North Indian style, reflecting the early stage of Bagan early to the evolution of the temple process. The Buddha in the south is the most amazing, when you look far from the Buddha, the Buddha is very kind and kind, but when you come to the foot of the Buddha and then rise, the law has become very solemn, it is involuntarily kneeling worship.

Shwezigon Paya


Rizhao Palace Tower is the founding of the tower, is the prototype of the modern pagoda in Myanmar, Myanmar's most famous one of the four pagodas, it is not only the largest pagoda in Bagan region, but also the only group of Po Gan tower built with stone Stupa, has a long history, is the first Myanmar-style pagoda. Rizhao Palace tower for the Quartet symmetrical structure, the style of a central bell shaped solid pagoda, modeling to 3-layer square platform as a base, connected to an octagonal platform connected bell tower, it form became later Bagan Plain Many pagoda architectural templates. Tower of the four sides have a copper Pavilion, the pavilion has a beautiful exquisite Buddha.

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Thailand Pattaya tourist attractions introduced


Pattaya has a white stretch of sandy beaches of up to 3km, where visitors can enjoy water activities, or take ferry boats and hydrofoils and enjoy a relaxing stay. Quiet tourists can go to Zhongtian Beach, where they also have golden sunshine, soft sandy beaches and crystal clear water, much quieter than Pattaya. Visitors can also rent a boat to the Pattaya Bay to find the secluded visit, just a boat about 45 minutes to reach the twin island of Koran Island and Sa Island. Thailand's Pattaya is the favorite destination for most tourists.

Sihetou town water, unique local characteristics, where the life of the water houses, they live in Thai wooden houses, river bend, rafting water, feel the twists and turns in the infinite charm. On the side of the river bank, you will see a lot of shops, which is what we call the water market in the middle of the waterway, where you can enjoy the traditional folk dance, sweet singing, unique scenes. There are a lot of snacks, color can be described as colorful, colorful, the boss of the selling sound to attract customers to go. Here is a tropical region, fruit fruit can be seen throughout the year, carrying the boat on the characteristics of fruit, in the visual impact on people's hearts, there are some smell to go, especially barbecue crocodile, and my heart seems to have a sense of fear.

Pattaya Beach is 15 km from Pattaya coastline with the finest sand, the best part of the sea, about 3 km long. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, the beach also has a variety of water sports. all day is a lively and happy scene. The beach is quiet in the north, there are many beautiful beach hotels and resorts, suitable for those who want to quietly enjoy the holidays vacationers; the south is focused on countless small hotels, as well as a variety of business and entertainment, suitable for lively and exciting Of young people.

The wealthy gold house is a truly magnificent feng shui treasure in Pattaya, Thailand, where there is a pure gold palace of Goddess of Mercy, so called "wealthy gold house". Manor built at the beach, covering over 180,000 square meters. A manor door, there is a peacock oncoming, to see handsome boys and girls, immediately open the screen, contests. Manor is very bold, Diaolianghuadong, regardless of architectural design, or landscape sculpture environment, called the fine art, beautiful, that is the manor, is simply a palace.


Traveling to Thailand will never let you down, and even you want to bring your friends or family to Thailand's Pattaya vacation.

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cambodia lonely planet


Although the beaches of Westport are not as good as the famous tourist destination of Mahe, Phuket and Bali, it is also a good place for a relaxing break. If you have enough time to stay in Cambodia, may wish to travel in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, to Sihanouk to enjoy the water here, sand white sand, coconut sea rhyme. Go to Cambodia for vacation, choose Sihanouk you will definitely be satisfied.

 Cambodia's southwest coastline of Sihanoukville is Cambodia's largest harbor. Sihanouk City was built in 1950, is a relatively new city, and Cambodia compared to other cities more modern. During the war, the port of Sihanouk was renamed as Pompus, and the name of Sihanouk Harbor was restored in the 1990s. Many people referred to it as the Westport.

 Sokha Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Sihanoukville, the beach is white and stretches more than 1000 meters, very quiet. Currently, Sokha Beach Resort has occupied the entire Sokha Beach and is available only as a private beach to visitors to Soka Beach Resort. However, a small part of the beach is still open to the public. Visitors who wish to have private camps and non-crowded coastlines can enter the private beach area daily by paying a small fee. The cost also includes a swimming pool and facilities at Sokha Beach Resort.

 Victory Beach is located in the northwest corner of Sihanoukville City, where the victory beaches are over 2 km long and are divided into two sections by reefs and hills. The north section of a large cargo ship coming and going, where more tourists, is the best place to see the sunset at Sihanoukville, the South also known as Hawaii Beach, King Beach, can be chartering in the sea. There are a lot of seafood on the beach, where you can taste a variety of delicious seafood, Cambodian cuisine and even Western food. There is also the equipment required for open-air barbecue, and visitors can organize barbecue parties at night. There is also a win mountain on the beach, with views of the beach and sunset views.


Do not know what tourist attractions in Cambodia can enjoy, I recommend a good place for you on vacation it is Cambodia's West Hanike.

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vietnam tourist attractions


Hu Zhiming city has no unique scenic spots and historical sites. There is no broad road and few modern high-rise buildings, but it has a strong French colonial style. French buildings are often seen on the streets, such as churches, restaurants and so on. The French architecture has a strong French cultural style and high ornamental value. And everywhere the open-air coffee lounge and French bread stalls, is full of romance and tropical scenery. The best time to play in Hu Zhiming is to reserve 2-3 days. Hu Zhiming is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. You'll definitely fall for her.

 The central post office was built at the end of the nineteenth century, designed for the French architects. The hall is gorgeous and highly classical. The wide lobby is a business counter on both sides. The central part is a circular bench from outside to inside. Zhang Yuean map, is said to be the French geographer hand-painted, dome, round flower window, gorgeous big chandeliers, flower-style wall lamp, electric fans, all reveals the style of Gothic architecture. The central post office is still in use, allowing people to take pictures, can also sit there in a daze or watch everything in the hall.

 Red Church is the most famous landmark in Sai Kung, located in the center of Sai Kung, is the most lively and bustling place, the central post office on its left, very convenient. The church was originally named the Church of Our Lady of Sai Kung, because of its use of red brick built so named, the construction of all the red brick from France, hundreds of years in the past, the color is still clear, no fade. The cathedral is imitated by the design of the bell tower of the Notre Dame de Paris, which is well-proportioned and solemn and magnificent, with two towers up to forty meters straight into the sky. Before the church there is a statue of the Virgin Mary weighing four tons.

Unification Palace is the French colonial in order to strengthen its governing body in Vietnam, by the then Vietnamese governor of southern Vietnam LaGrangei on February 23, 1869 began construction, named "Norodom Palace", in fact, France in the entire government of the Indo-China region. Unification Palace is an area of 120,000 square meters of the huge four white building, the former South Vietnamese government presidential palace seat. The building has 100 decorated gorgeous, magnificent size of the hall, to meet the diplomatic, banquet, entertainment, living, military command and other needs. Garden design and construction of the same use of symmetrical layout, echo each other, seamless.


Want to travel to Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City friends, these tourist attractions not to be missed.

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Tourist attraction Manila


Best places to visit in the philippines is manila. Manila is known as "Asia's New York" and is one of Asia's largest cities. It has a modern high-rise building, there is a famous red light district there are a hundred years old history of the Spanish-style streets and churches and there are green and dense flowers in full bloom garden alley. It has beggars begging children and stinking water cross the slums, there are bright lights of the large shopping center. Manila is contradictory, opposing, different, the city filled with everything that makes you afraid and loved again.

Intramuros on the Pasig River, also known as the wall city, is the original site of Manila. In 1571 the Spaniards built the castle in order to rule the Philippines, an area of 1 square kilometers, known as the "urban city". The castle is surrounded by trenches and medieval walls, a total of seven gates, the city has a governor's residence and 12 churches. At the end of World War II, most of the castle was destroyed and now part of the repair. Visitors to the city can feel the time back, the old carriage ride visitors in the streets, gate, port, city wall. Here exudes the elegant atmosphere of Spain, retaining the ancient architectural features.

 St. Augustine Church is the oldest church in the Philippines, experienced five earthquakes and two world wars and can survive many people think it is a miracle. It is characterized by reliefs on stones, meticulous and realistic. Inside the church, there are paintings on the ceiling and walls, the middle of Augustine and Jesus. Filipino senior officials appear ashes are buried in the church, the floor engraved with the dead years of birth and death. The most tropical feature is the long-term exposure to stained glass on the stained lights and bright sunshine.

Santiago Castle is one of the oldest fortifications of the city, and the Spanish rule of the castle of Spain became the main defender of the Spaniards against potential intruders. This ancient imperial city is the Spanish fortress against foreign enemies, so in the city can be seen in the sea walls and fort, there are many deep water dungeon, used to detain people and guerrillas in World War II. Although the Spanish ruler's nest, Santiago Castle is also known as the "freedom of the Holy Land" to commemorate the Spanish and Japanese occupation during the occupation and killing of Filipinos. The castle was destroyed in the second war, after the reconstruction has now become a good place for a park and a walk.


If you want to learn more about a characteristic building, the Philippines Manila is worth your visit.

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a better place to travel is indonesia island


Filed in Indonesia, your first reaction or Bali? In fact, next to Bali, there is a more interesting than Bali islands it is Lombok. Then to talk about what to travel to Indonesia can experience.

 Lombok is an island in the Indonesian archipelago, one of the highest mountain peaks in Indonesia, with clear water and clear white sandy beaches. The forest is the highest mountain in the island and the second highest volcano in Indonesia, located in the north of the island. There is a magnificent sea of water; there is a magnificent active volcano, while the sea, while the flame, so you feel the wonderful adventure trip; here also has a lovely gorgeous tropical fish, craftsman crafts, simple and elegant architecture. Here you can choose to walk on the land to see the wonderful scenery. There are fewer visitors here, no Bali is noisy, natural scenery coupled with simple national customs everything is so peaceful and peaceful.

 Geely Island is the largest of the three islands, also has the best diving waters. Although the island is quiet but the attractions are rich. During the day you can choose to snorkel, you can rent a bike ride around the island, you can also enjoy the food on the beach side of the face of the sea, the biggest pleasure after the night is sitting in the cabin yard to see the stars.

 Senggigi Beach is the earliest development of the tourist area of Lombok, many travelers will Senggigi Beach as the first stop of the trip to Lombok, or relax in the journey of the transfer station. Seawater surprisingly calm, and sometimes visitors will even feel that the face is not the sea but the lake. Compared to other famous holiday beaches, the water recreational facilities here are poor, and even the most common motorboats, towing umbrellas and so on. Senggigi Beach can look around with a waterfront of Bali, especially at sunset the majestic arson mountain is more spectacular.


Travel to Indonesia, Lombok is very worthy of you to visit, and family or friends to play, you will definitely love it.

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A slow trip started in Malaysia


Traveled in Malaysia, through the ancient quiet alley in Penang, the time seems to return to the last century. Walking through the tranquil river in Malacca night, everything is like the rest of the time. The old man on the street smiled at me in good faith, and everyone had a story on his face. I wandered in the streets of the city, the front of the scene so that I moved to reluctant to leave. This way, through the traces of the years, the vicissitudes of history, quietly feel all around, they are so quietly, it seems that for a long time has not changed. A slow trip started in Malaysia without end.

Travel to Malaysia is actually an experience, is the desire of the unknown world, is the attempt of the self. Accustomed to living conditions, through travel changes, this change brings discomfort, tension, happiness, so that life becomes more level, texture more texture. Like life fast, tired, stopped to rest and breathe, experienced complex, but eager to return to simple; experienced a tense, easier desire; experienced a noisy, but eager to calm.

 I like to travel, like walking in the autumn and autumn leaves of the forest, like the night in the quaint, quiet desert village, in the quiet look up at the stars, in the rain to embrace the tranquility of the quiet and peaceful, this is A happy and unrelated to the fame and fortune, with the dignitaries of the happy. People often inadvertently, we will find that we are struggling to pursue things in our side, the original irrelevant distance in our hearts.

 Malaysia journey gave me a nice experience, historical inheritance and cultural infiltration, doomed no one who can walk alone in this world, which is wherever we go, will produce the feeling of familiar feeling. But this feeling will be in different places, in different forms exist, so that travelers have the old experience, with a new supplement. The beauty of the world's change lies in the experience of each trip, even if the old re-visit, there will be new discoveries.

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myanmar is a tourist attraction that you can't forget


Myanmar, in recent years, seems to have been filled with war, dictatorship, blockade of countless negative news, just before we left, heard Myanmar also experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Bagan has many well-known stupa Loss, my heart can’t help but slightly dengkou, tangled to go and not ... ... but some of this tradition, some mysterious magic of the country so I thought for a long time, but a special ticket temptation So opened my journey to Myanmar.

After arriving in Myanmar, Myanmar to subvert my original impression of it, by those with a warm temperature of the memory and save for many years in exchange for the moment the beauty of the moment rampage into the heart, by the actual situation, the vicissitudes of the picture there are thousands Yunyan pagoda, Hinayana Buddhism country's religious color is deeply attracted, so I can’t forget. Although the Buddha economy is backward the people are friendly and kind. Especially in Bagan this tourism-based industry, still able to retain the simple, it is rare. So, if asked me worth the recommendation, I will not hesitate to tell you, here is worth you! And can come many times, slowly to understand it.

In the mysterious ban in Myanmar, hidden in countless people are not familiar with the masterpiece of beauty, a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, there is a bliss of the world. Mysterious Myanmar, with numerous mysterious mountains among the magnificent scenery, living a life of life, this legendary state, is the dream often remembered the ideal world.


Travel to Myanmar must be as early as possible initially I just think this sentence with the development of tourism prices will rise. However, with the gradual understanding, I really understand that the so-called as early as possible, before she is not over-development, in Myanmar to the world before the gorgeous turn to see the authentic Burma, feel the quiet and luxurious. Myanmar is a step by step Lotus Buddha, rich in emerald neighbors, the most vast country in the Indochina Peninsula, is also one of the most abundant tourism resources, due to long-term closed-door, is still an undeveloped tourist destination in Myanmar.

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It's good to travel with friends to Thailand


If you like island, then come to Thailand. If you want to travel, then come to Thailand; if you like luxury hotel, then come to Thailand; if you are a freshman, then come to Thailand. Have been to Thailand travel too many people, the quality is also different. There are high-end private island villas.

Thailand is a long history of the Buddhist state, this is known as the "white elephant kingdom," the beautiful country, has a unique cultural traditions and national customs, here is full of magnificent, sharp towering temples, pagodas, everywhere exquisite Beautiful Buddha statues, stone carvings and paintings, these monuments in the long green coconut trees, for Thailand's seductive tropical scenery added infinite brilliant colors and added a lot of mysterious atmosphere.

The royal temple of the ninth world is the future palace of King Rama IX, who is currently the longest head of state in the world. He enjoys a high prestige in the Thai people, with huge images of the king and queen The Royal temple simple and delicate, no other temples of the resplendent, each building is white, is a pure and beautiful, which enshrines the relics of the ancient monks and their wax museum. Came to Pattaya, we stay in the environment quiet, pleasant scenery of the resort, opened the door, greeted the bed stood a pair of towels made of towels, really love here is everywhere The Away from the noisy, away from the light strange light. We can rest in the clear pool side of the couch, in the water to eliminate the day of fatigue you can walk in the flowers of the forest path.

European style street to the night, brightly lit, playing everywhere, playing all kinds of music, clothes bare. Here is the open area of Thailand to allow red light. Not far from some of the theater, the performance of the naked desire and the like, these gripped performances, interpretation of the unique style of Pattaya. This may be a culture of Thailand, it became a bizarre style. Visit to Thailand You will relax yourself and forget all your troubles.

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Enjoy the happiness of travel

An unforgettable trip, never because of how beautiful to see the scenery, never eat the food, but in the journey to listen to those strange people tell you about their moving story. In the journey of Vietnam I heard a lot of stories, can be said to be a very happy trip to Vietnam.

I have always felt that I was the kind of cool traveler, that is, we have been talking about the kind of "once said to leave the travel" practice. Every trip is not really want to go to that place, I want to go far away, and now no way to reach, just feel depressed for some time need to find a point to release, and then backpack, take the camera And some necessities on the departure. Basically there is no planning on the route and time, everything is random, I like this slightly more exciting feeling.

The favorite moment of the journey is the car at dusk, and the world feels particularly quiet at that moment, when the bus flew on the highway, open the window, the temperature is just right people feel comfortable, some soft monsoon hit the face, blowing Hair, the window is a quick skip over the mountains, green water, all kinds of hurry to the car, the distant sunset all the clouds of the sky. This time I will think my life that the real sense of the trip will happen at what time, and what people together?

The story of some old lady heard the story, she said that although old, but she has a very good attitude to face all the lives, and now live in the world where people want to travel, where the air is good, every day She told me that people have a broad chest to accommodate the life of some trivial things, but also to the people of the world, So that we can live freely, live happily. At that time the sun outside the window, full of green, the old lady with a steady tone about her happiness, smiling face, eyes grow bright June flowers.

Sometimes I will think about travel, where does it mean? My understanding is that sometimes it really can purify our minds and it allows us to leave the cycle of living and working environment. We do not have to spend time on the road; we can know ourselves better on the road; on the road we see the lives of others, hear the story of others, we find their own shortcomings and small, it sometimes really can teach us How to live a better life, inspire us to go to a more ideal life to work hard to struggle. By traveling to Vietnam and learning more about Vietnam's tourism culture.

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From the travel we can learn a lot

Travel, is how people like it, it can make you interrupted every day, then mortal trivia, ordinary life is temporary relief. Tourism, enjoy the landscape and feel the customs around, not only to develop emotions, growth knowledge, and self-cultivation, understanding and interpretation. It is: "three miles away from home, not the country wind". Only to go out to enjoy the natural fun, so that their brains stretch, the soul is purified! Indonesian travel gave me a lot of inspiration, interested friends can also go to Indonesia to travel.

Ordinary people said: "no mountaineering, do not know the mountain high; not wading, not dawn water depth; do not appreciate the wonders, how to know the wonderful." "Read books, still have to run thousands of miles." Climbing a look, will appreciate the Du Fu "will be extremely Ling, a list of small mountains," the boldness; stop in the mountains, will feel Mr. Lu Xun "hide into a small building into a unified, control his spring and autumn and winter" mystery; , In order to understand the Li Bai, "Five Sacred Mountains to find immortal respect, a good life famous mountain tour" pursuit. Once the nature of the scenery to occupy the vision and ideas, you will feel that life is not always boring, everything is so beautiful, full of sunshine everywhere.

Travel a landscape, find a feature; see a feature, a sense of experience. Jiangnan beautiful, Saibei desert, can arouse our respect and awe of nature, if you can communicate with people here to meet, Fu beauty to humanities, but also natural to life, you will feel that there are more profound than the natural landscape Comprehension - different water and soil to support different people, have their own advantages and characteristics. Really a flower of a world, Wanhua dress up spring.


Practice has proved that tourism is the exercise of the body, broaden their horizons, sightseeing, make friends, know the natural, understand the best time of society, but also a symbiotic harmony between man and nature needs. Travel time is short, limited, it is only a means, not the ultimate goal, the way the beauty, you can enjoy, do not have to hang around. We must remember that travel is not adventure, the cost should not be too big. So many years, the real trip to the pursuit of life, as if only a Xu Xiake. Whenever a trip is completed, it is time to finish a thought and emotional refueling. Plus the oil on the continued efforts to continue to work hard, after all, this life, there are more and more scenery waiting for us. A trip to Indonesia travel, so I am stronger, the future life of infinite yearning.

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Travel is really a wonderful thing

I like quiet, but also like to travel, prefer a person to travel quietly. A person's world is also very beautiful, the kind of beautiful from the heart of the "see open", noisy world, will only make me feel depressed, temper will be bigger and bigger. Alone, traveled through every familiar street, quiet world beautiful, beautiful people indulge in a long time wandering in the quiet ocean. Memories of my trip to Thailand, especially Chiang Mai of thailand, really let me memorable.

Travel, the greatest travel is the life of people, the arrival of people, after years of frost, sad, Huan, from, together the change, after all, to reach a quiet world, the end of life. In this way, a trip terminated, the termination of the silent, even the memory of the journey, but also breeze blew away.

Travel is really a wonderful thing, travel is the beginning of entertainment, travel, can make their impetuous heart, calm down, then, slowly enjoy a beautiful life, and even breathe the air is sweet. I often travel, of course, with the real tourists far worse, I was at the top of the walk, and not much of much travel. But I still like to travel. I like the kind of travel by car, quietly sitting in a soft seat, sometimes close your eyes, Imagine, then, a string of beautiful words words will float in my mind, sometimes feel that it is full A car that carries me too much to miss. And then opened his eyes, enjoy the past a scene of a thing, if in the spring, but also to see that layer of muddy atmosphere, the mother of the earth pet Chongni green wheat field, that wheat field exposed fragrance children, Will make you jealous, it seems that it is to show off to you, it is how happy.

I really like this trip, simple, without any burden, no one bothers, no bustle, everything is so quiet, in the quiet world blooming themselves, any bold imagination, unfettered. Sometimes, too obsessed with such a comfortable imagination, indulge in the beautiful flowers and hills outside the window, soil, houses, every street, every piece of wonderful scene. Those who have not experienced, will not feel, the kind of beauty will not experience.

A person, sometimes a person is also very good, a person should have their own happiness, but also should make their lives become colorful, a person's life should be full of love, a person's travel, is also so People memorable, full of hope everywhere. Travelling to Thailand after the play will have more ideas, but also want to go to more places in Asia tourism, hope this desire can be achieved soon.

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Whether there is the idea of going to Brunei tourism to read this article

There is a country in the world, the biggest trouble is: "No trouble!" This country is - Brunei. Brunei is located in the south of the South China Sea, in Southeast Asia, their home oil reserves and production second only to Indonesia, ranking second, is one of the richest countries in the world.

Not much land area, only 40 million population, but the beautiful scenery, play things are also very much, the island control, vacation control, hotel control, outdoor control can be found in Brunei for their own travel style. Brunei people's life is quite rich, from the birth to the soil for peace, life may encounter every major event, the government all pay for you! Let's take a closer look at the country's scenery.

More than 70% of the land area is the forest, the largest light blooming national forest park is Asia's third largest forest park. Stay very luxurious but not soil "Empire Hotel", feel the real magnificent. Pure gold to create the Jamie mosque, really even the feeling of breathing are pious. Brunei Sultan Although the land is very self-willed, live golden glittering Noului Man Palace, sports car to buy one by one, but the style close to the people in the hearts of the prestige is high.

Arrived in Brunei capital of the city of Dasibaga, Originally thought and other countries in Southeast Asia as many people lively, who knows after the city was found quiet and beautiful and everywhere is green. Brunei's Sai Fuding Mosque is a free visit Oh, very beautiful must go and see Oh. The mosque was built in 1958, on the Brunei River, and one of the tallest buildings in the city of Dari. Ayr water village should be regarded as a Southeast Asian characteristics of the building, there are 30 tall village, very rustic atmosphere. The best way to visit the village is to take a water taxi, preferably in the afternoon or evening, not only to avoid the heat at noon, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset in the water.

If you want to go to the beach, you can go to the edge of the capital of the town of Ma La, there is the most famous resort of Brunei. Beach white quickly, the water is relatively shallow, but one to the weekend will be particularly high. Although this life has been unable to become Brunei, but can go to Brunei tours and feel the happiness of the local life.

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It can help friends who want to travel to Cambodia

If you can‘t think of a smile, go to Cambodia's Angkor Wat because there is no reason to refuse to smile. If there are countless secrets of your heart nowhere to go, go to Angkor Wat it, the secret buried in the tree holes it will help you buried memory. If you are tired of haze and the city, go to Angkor Wat, where there is fresh air and tender and sunshine. 

Angkor Wat is a place full of mystery. During the Angkor dynasty, the Khmer people flourished and built a large number of palaces and temples, and Angkor gradually became the social and spiritual center of the whole kingdom. Later, the Thai invasion, Khmer people abandoned the ancient slope of the Angkor Phnom Penh, since Angkor's brilliant gradually covered by the jungle. It was not until the 1860s that the French had "discovered" Angkor, a great historical monument known as the world. Since then, the repair and repair of Angkor Wat has been carried out, although the erosion of the jungle, collapsed, stealing cultural relics and the middle of the Khmer Rouge period, but the protection work has not stopped, and has not yet completed.

Angkor Grottoes existing more than 600, of which there are many beautiful pagodas and a large number of stone relief these pagodas all made with a huge stone base. Pagoda engraved with various forms of statues, some up to several meters. Angkor Grove combines the two basic layouts of the Khmer Temple architecture: the altar and the cloister. The altar consists of a three-story rectangular corridor surrounded by the feast of Taiwan, a layer higher than a layer, symbolic of the Indian mythology in the center of the world. At the top of the altar stands five pagodas arranged in a five-point plum blossom, symbolizing the five peaks of Samuelo. The temple is surrounded by a moat, symbolizing the sea around the Sumeru.

The Bayon Temple is one of the best attractions in the Angkor Wat tour, and the frescoes of the Baron Monastery are also very rich and beautifully carved. Corridor above the original wooden roof, but because of age, there are only broken walls and huge stone pillars for future generations pay tribute. It is worth mentioning that the walls of the temple is still full of rich and vivid sculpture, Jufan ancient war narrative, ordinary people's life in different proportions, the lake lake lake scenery and so fully revealed the scene at that time, absolutely can’t Look at the precious historical sites.

 Cambodia Travel Tips


The best season: November - the following year in March the best. At this time for the dry season, the weather is fine, cool morning and evening, you can see Angkor sunrise sunset scenery. But this time Angkor pool almost dry, Phnom Penh - Siem Reap ship may be suspended. 4 - May is hot season, need to try to avoid. 6 - October for the rainy season, usually sunny morning, noon to afternoon rain, rainy season Angkor Wat has moist trees and stones, take pictures more texture.  wish you have a good time in cambodia.

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There are so many things can make you happy. Don’t focus too much on things that make you sad. You can go to Cambodia on vacation with pleasure. Lots of travelers around the world to Siem Reap aspire to be listed as the world's cultural heritage of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat's not to be missed experience: climb "Heaven ladder"; worship "Khmer smile"; do not miss every day sunrise and sunset.

Lake Cangsa Lake, as the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, nurtured the great Khmer nation, so far the Cambodian people still serve as the mother lake. Lake, living a lot of water people, composed of a water village, empty Nepal floating village as the most representative of a year, will receive many international tourists. In Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat at the same time, if there is time, may wish to report a 1 day tour of the tour group to explore here, by the way to ease the days of the temple temple to bring the visual fatigue.

As the capital, the Royal Palace is one of the representative buildings. This is a group of golden roof, surrounded by yellow walls of the building, including the golden hall, silver hall, dance hall, treasures and other large and small palace more than 20 seats, corridor is imitation Angkor Temple relief. Sunset when the boat in the Cangli Sa River on the sunset, soft sunshine evenly sprinkled on the eaves of the palace, reflecting the golden light, this view allows you to forget the experience of the glory and experience of the suffering. At that moment, the only thing you want to do is to keep the time here.


Cambodia's Battambang has a unique "bamboo train" known as the world's unique transport. Although the French colonial period in Cambodia built a lot of railway network, but the railway development has been in a halt stage. And this so-called bamboo train, in fact, just a bed board large bamboo board, running on these mottled scrap tracks, after the acceleration began to bump more than. The passengers sitting in the car from time to time to reach out and spread to the railroads on the weeds, as well as passengers sitting in the car hand knife cut off the road shrubs. With the development of the Cambodian kingdom, the bamboo train is now slowly disappearing.

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best places to visit in singapore in 3 days

If you decide to visit singapore, You will lose all the unhappy. Trip to Singapore Wherever he goes, a tourist in Singapore will see a world of trees and an ocean of flowers.

Do you want to explore the mystery of the night in the zoo? Singapore Night Zoo is the best choice. The zoo is the world's first shelter for night animals. In the light of the moonlight, you walk in the broad rain forest to observe the traces of these nocturnal animals, natural barrier to tourists and animals closer contact. Tourists sometimes watch hippos in the quiet lake play, sometimes listen to ferocious African lion in the jungle issued roar. Do not forget to jump on the park tour bus, you can also personally in the bright moonlight giraffe, zebra. Is a wonderful experience that Singapore can’t miss.

 The Merlot on the Marina Bay is Singapore's landmark, and for decades it has been a brave incarnation to guard the charm of the lion city. Every visitor to Singapore will be eager to take pictures with the fish lion. 8.9 meters high fish lion like mouth to reveal the shares of the spring into the Singapore River. Some cute tourists will deliberately select the angle, clever use of water column, like drinking water, like fun. With the Merlot like to leave interesting classic moments.

 Migrants from all over the world form Singapore's unique multiculturalism, and gradually form a number of different styles of exotic areas. These customs area still retains their most pure foreign culture, you can play early in the Islam gathered in Kampong Ginnan mosque feel the sincerity of the believers, and then in the colorful little Indian street tasting authentic hand pilaf, Finally came to Chinatown and the local overseas Chinese talked about the two cultures. Half a day as if through three countries, enjoy the charm of the exotic culture.

 If it is not to Singapore to Sentosa that is a regret. If time permits, St. Paterson is worth your day, slowly watching the slow play, fully enjoy the unique charm of tropical islands. Santosso Island is not only filled with tropical rain forest atmosphere, with the Bala Bay Beach and the West Luo Suo Beach on the coconut trees, clear water white sand.

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Do you know where to fit the family? I know that Brunei is a tourist attraction Suitable for family travel. Having a family travel in burnei which several tourist attractions in Brunei tourism is not to be missed.

The Sultan Memorial is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sudanese reign of the Jubilee Memorial, which was built in 1992. The most noteworthy of the memorial hall is the current use of the Soviet Union when the dragon thrust all the gold. The Sultan Memorial is worth a visit there to show the royal family's glory, but also reflects the Brunei royal family and the history of the country. The second floor of the throne when the king's car or manually push the 25-year celebration is already a car. On the second floor of the vehicle when the two sides of the display is the size of the continuous picture board, the above photos clearly recorded the scene of the crowd.

 As the country's largest mosque, the Jamie Mosque is definitely not to be missed. Every day to come here to play the passengers and prayers of the residents flocked to the hearts of people and foreign tourists, Jamie mosque seems to have become the eternal symbol of peace and prosperity of Brunei. Just far to see, the night is still very nice to see the mosque.

 Brunei Water Village consists of several traditional high-rise houses distributed on the banks of the Brunei River, the largest high-footed village in the world. The village has more than a thousand years of history, but still maintained the original pristine style. Walking on the wooden wooden path to taste the pure Brunei cuisine is an excellent enjoyment. People living in the village of water rely on water wood boats from land and water village, the whole village between the wooden bridge connection, but also can enter the water to visit a guest. Kampong Ayer Can be said to be "Oriental Venice". Look forward to having holiday in brunei.

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what we can see Indonesia

Tours of Bali in Indonesia a few places not to be missed. For example, Temple of the sea, Lovers cliff, Jimbaran Beach and so on. These places will let you feast for the eyes.

 The sea temple is one of the most important seaside temples in Bali, and was built in the 16th century. The temple is nestled on a huge rock on the seashore. When the tide rises, the rock is surrounded by seawater, and the whole temple is isolated from the land, standing alone in the sea, and only connected to the land at the ebb tide. Every night around 18:30, sunset with the temple pavilions, splashing waves beat the rock, it is spectacular, the temple on the right side of a protruding rock is a great place to shoot sunset and the sea temple. Note that non-Hindus can’t go in, but can be seen near the temple when the tide is back. 


 Valentine's cliff is located in the southwest coast of Bali, also known as the Uluwatu cliff. Because the legend of a pair of young men and women love but by the parents of the obstruction, where the sea jump love, so here is the love of the Holy Land, to Bali couples will be in this photo, to look forward to the good long life. Many people will be here to hold a wedding. Valentine's cliffs can be described as moving. Clear sky under the days of the sea, covered with slopes of the Phoenix tree set off, waves hit the waves off the cliff people seem to live in wonderland. 

 Jimbaran Beach at sunset when the golden hills covered with the sea, it is particularly warm and romantic, you can enjoy the sunset while watching seafood BBQ. Although the number of tourists on vacation, business development is also increasingly perfect, but the beach to retain the original style, the villager unique enthusiasm and simplicity makes the whole beach very affinity.


Jimbaran Beach does not have the vastness of Sana Beach and Nusa Dua Beach, nor the bustling and hustle and bustle of Kuta, but there are people who love the quiet beaches and the beautiful sunset. let us enjoy the vacation in indonesia.

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The world's most popular beach in Philippines

White beach is the most dazzling presence in Boracay, YAHOO tourism in the world's most popular beach in the first prize. Here, the long beach extremely delicate, sea blue can separate the layers, is worthy of the name "the clear white sand". The beautiful white beach, so many tourists do nothing from morning to night, just stay on the beach, enjoy the cozy Haijima Meijing.White beach is  best tourist destination in the philippines.

 Sunset sail is the most classic entertainment on Boracay, almost all visitors will experience the event. The Boracay is cozy and romantic, sweeping away the heat of the day. At this time, tourists from the white beach to the sea, the wind moving the unpowered sailboat ride over the side of the wing, or sitting or lying, with undulating waves, enjoy the beautiful sunset at sea for half an hour.

 Pick a hotel facing the sea. As long as the windows open, the vast sea view and the fresh sea breeze will blow against the wind, the night can listen to the sound of the ebb and flow of falling asleep, is a great way to get close to the sea. Visitors can also swim in the hotel's "no boundaries" swimming pool, will be integrated into the sea and sky in the landscape. travelling phillipines on holiday with your family is a good choice.

 Live music open-air bar, scene of debauchery fiery street entertainers, shops, a superb collection of beautiful things seafood barbecue flavor, blurred...... After nightfall, the white beach, become dreamt up in the night, no wonder Boracay is a lot of people called the "Philippines's best nightlife". Enjoy the beach of Boracay night brings pleasure, holiday is complete.

 Boracay's water entertainment is very rich: snorkeling, diving, undersea stroll, banana boat, sea drag parachute, surfing...... Heaven can feel the joy of flying the sea, into the sea can list the magical underwater world. Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of the sea in his own way, whether it is a stimulating, or mild, activity on the water.

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know about Tourism Etiquette of Myanmar

The most important thing to do in Myanmar is to respect local religious customs. Burma is a Buddhist country, all kinds of etiquette in life are full of strong Buddhist color. In Burma the capital city of Yangon among the flowers trees, high streets and back lanes, often can see all kinds of birds in the chase, because the local people develop custom is not to kill, they see the crow as "bird", the more love. They are also on the finding in the downtown area in "cattle", pedestrians and vehicles to avoid the way. No matter who, even foreign tourists, into the pagoda or temple, they must take off their shoes.

The Burmese new year is the last day of the Songkran Festival in mid April each year. Songkran usually lasted three or four days, on the second day of the festival, everyone has the habit of shampooing, unless the day conflict with his or her birthday, and change it to the third day. During the festival, regardless of urban and rural areas, everyone dressed in costumes, splashing water to play with each other, saying that the old and new orientation. Some people use fan cherry squid, in the silver bowl with rose petals dipped in leaching water, gently shake to sprinkle onto others. More people would like the whole bucket of the whole basin splash, and even water dragon pipe injection. The child water gun to attack adults, will not be scolded. People are throwing more, more happy. On the other hand, if you have not been splashed in the water sprinkling Festival, the new year will be unlucky. Once the water splashing festival every year, is also a good time to young people in such communication, many young people to take this opportunity to make good.  You can  learn about the holiday in Burma when traveling.


Burma is a devout Buddhist country, the vast majority of people believe in buddhism. Pagodas and Buddhist temples are everywhere. The Burmese people have leisure, to listen to the Buddha, worship pagoda, pray for peace. But whether it is in the temple, see the master, or enter the yuan, there is a strict taboo, that is must take off shoes, even can‘t wear socks. Because the Burmese people think shoes are the dirtiest and most dirty things. They are often those most despicable people as "the most common thing to make shoes". In Burma, if someone is hit by a shoe, it is regarded as the most intolerable humiliation. In the people's minds, pagodas and Buddhist temple is the most holy place is the representative of the Buddha monks, can never wear the dirty shoes to worship, and see monk dubai. Otherwise, it will hurt the feelings of the Burmese people.

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tourist destination in philippines

A little philippines travel tips for you when you visit to philippines.

  Manila Cathedral to pray

Spain has been ruled for three hundred years, but it is still the only live Spanish imprint that is now a Catholic with a population of about 90%. Spanish style architecture not only looks very beautiful, has a long history, but also carries a lot of Filipino People's efforts and care. You might as well be a devout believer, find a place, pray silently, and obey God's guidance.

   The most romantic 7 km

Boracay is famous for the world's biggest reason is its 7 km of white sand beach, the beach is smooth, sandy fine. Came to Boracay, accompanied by a white sand beach stroll, full of mood. There is no place more suitable than Boracay beach stroll, walking in the world's most beautiful beaches, feel the blue sea and blue sky, very comfortable. Sunset to see the sunset will be dyed golden sea, infinite romance. You can also participate in the Boracay water activities, sporty Boracay is suitable for all kinds of water sports, diving can explore the depths of the sea, the airship can experience the heartbeat and speed, you can feel the close contact with the sea sailing...... Here really can do static and dynamic combination.

  Manila Bay sunsets

Manila is famous for its sunset, and the people of Philippines are more proud of its beauty. The sunset is the quiet rendering of the Gulf of Manila into a golden, white sand shining in the summer, also often see the rainbow in the sky. You can rent a bicycle, ten kilometers along the Sunset Strip ride (i.e. seaside Roxas Boulevard), until the most emotional moment came in moist sea breeze. I believe that phillipines tour can make you relax.

  Rare animals in close contact


El Nido marine protected areas in Palawan there are various kinds of wild animal, including 3 species of rare and endangered sea turtles, good luck can also see the legendary "Mermaid" archetype, which is the world's rare marine mammal manatees. In addition, you can also go to the Calauit area of wild animal protection island to see giraffe, zebra, gazelle and other African wild animal; to see the coast of sea turtles, manatees and many marine organisms; walk through the forest step underground in St Paul National Park size, enjoy the tropical plants, with monkeys, lizards and squirrels and other animal.

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What you want to do in myanmar

In front of the mandelewuben bridge, enjoy the most beautiful sunset.Uben bridge is a hundred years of history of the ancient bridge, the whole bridge structure of teak is also the world's longest, is everyone will go to the ground in Burma. When uben bridge is the most beautiful sunset, sunset, gentle Twilight Saxiang calm Dongta Mann Lake pedestrian bridge, constitute a beautiful streams of people busily coming and going, silhouette picture. Package on a long tail boat, the boatman swinging in the lake, and will be very professional to take you to some of the beautiful location of the camera, take your eternal memory. if you want to see the moet beautiful sunset, make a plan for  tours to myanmar.

 Enjoy at a height of Bagan pagoda forest Sunrise.If you want to ask for the best view of the sunrise, the morning balloon is definitely one of the best choices. The company of Balloons over Bagan provides hot air balloon flight service, very popular among tourists. When you have to wait until a wind without rain, clouds thick in the balloon at the moment, the city gradually poke out of their feet, beside the warm sunshine sprinkled on the body, which kind of feeling, will definitely make you unforgettable. it is great tourist places in myanmar for you.

 Curling up in front of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon listening to Brahma.Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is the Angkor Wat of Kampuchea, Indonesia and Borobudur, known as "the famous scenic spots in Southeast Asia's three largest monuments". The magnificent grand urn surface is covered with thick gold foil, which is devoted to the devout believers. In Burma, men and women, young and old, regardless of status, will be converted into a pure gold leaf for the grand urn, people regard it as a kind of glory. Therefore, the Shwedagon Pagoda, every day there are many around the country and around the world believers come to pilgrimage, in the previous year and Guta before the Buddha, sit in silence, occasionally think of ear curl afar, as if through the years, giving your heart a little peace and quiet.


 On the banks of Inle Lake view single foot fisherman boat.Inle Lake foot boat Yin Da family fisherman is definitely a big spectacle. In the cage based fishermen, canoeing is one foot firmly in the narrow, the other foot around the single oar, with shoulder and foot rotation paddle boating, hands spread a cage like the net to catch the fish, this unique method can liberate the hands. In this world the one and only way rowing has become a beautiful scenery of Inle Lake, but this is limited to men, women's rowing or with legs crossed at the stern with handheld paddle.

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Malaysia is a paradise for food

Malaysia is absolutely chowhound paradise. Due to the history of a nation's people came here to settle down, slowly affect local delicacy, so this delicacy is also very diverse, spicy Malay food, of every hue of color flavor and taste of food, flavor and delicacy of India of North and South Nonya cuisine, absolutely let visitors dazzling.

Satay, popular to say that the Malaysia version of the skewers, is Malaysia's most famous one of the snacks. The general will have the halogen beef or Chicken Skewer into customers, and roasted over charcoal, the most important thing is to dip satay sauce, with cucumbers, onions and Malay edible rice and vegetable roll. Satay taste sweet, with spicy love are very love, love is not sweet and spicy taste of tourists will feel strange taste.

Coconut rice, listen to the name that is sweet and greasy, in fact, it is a Malaysia people as a breakfast food, eat up a coconut flavor, and a little spicy. Because Steamed Rice is soaked in coconut rice in the name, and then steamed, that Steamed Rice fragrant and delicious, but not too sweet, usually with chicken, cucumber, peanuts and seasoning sauce, can according to their own tastes.


A lot of Malaysia noodle type, shrimp noodles had to mention, have won the one of ten CNN Southeast Asia many expats delicacy, Malaysia people miss the most is shrimp noodles. Shrimp noodles taste spicy, taste heavier, with the flavor of the shrimp juice for the soup, and with 2 different surface mix, and finally poured hot oil, is a color and flavor of a dish.

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Do you want to eat Vietnamese food? Let's travel to Vietnam

Mention of Vietnamese food, the first thing to think of the mind is the Vietnamese beef powder and spring rolls, but in fact, this is only a small corner of Vietnamese food. Vietnamese food tastes heavier, sour and sweet, like rain and dew, not greasy, suitable for the taste of most tourists. Because it was a French colony, affected by France, some dishes are a combination of French elements, but also a unique taste.

 Vietnamese beef powder is very exquisite, must use yellow beef, Rice noodles with high quality rice production, so each tourists to Vietnam to eat the local Rice noodles will not help praising. Small plastic stools free squatting in the Vietnamese learning Rome shop on the door, holding a bowl of reeky beef pho gobble down also is a interesting thing.

 Vietnamese law stick is a typical soft French food, Vietnamese people are not satisfied with eating only stick, so add their own elements. In the middle with cheese, tomato, lettuce, ham and Fried Eggs, more levels of taste. Vietnamese law stick is very common in the local, in different cities can often see the roadside hawkers selling, is not allowed to miss the local snacks.

 White rose is one of the three famous snacks. Skin as white glutinous rice of Vietnam Spring rolls wrapped in delicious soft, dry shrimp loose, or what else, but it is not out of shape into arbitrary shape like rose petals, put into several flower, flower sprinkle on the oil marinated shrimp loose dried fish floss, rather like the shape of roses. It caught fish sauce, lemon juice blend of sweet and sour sauce, used to increase the overall flavor, some, also sprinkle chives, coriander powder, green and white is very good-looking.

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